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Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Thrive Girls Ranch & HomeThrive Girls Ranch & Home is a year-round Christian boarding school for difficult and misbehaving girls, ages 12-17, and is located near Austin, Texas.

Thrive Girls Ranch & Home is an affordable, year-round Christian boarding school for troubled girls ages 12-17 who are misbehaving and struggling with self-destructive or dangerous behaviors. We help girls transform into responsible, respectful and gracious young women. The therapeutic residential program in Central Texas features licensed counselors, a focus on academics, and a milieu of therapeutic activities. Girls also benefit from vocational training and mentoring, and it is all designed to help girls transition into a life where they thrive!

How Girls Benefit from Attending Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Thrive is a boarding school that puts each girl’s schoolwork and grades back on track while also focusing on the girl’s attitudes and behavior. We make a significant difference in helping girls overcome life-controlling issues and self-destructive behavior. While working regularly with a therapist and our mentors, girls enrolled in this year-round Christian boarding school work on their education. They get up, and even retake courses to gain a better GPS. We offer all of the following to help bring about maturity and respect for others in these troubled girls.

A Second Chance At Education

Girls come to us with a wide variety of academic records, often with a history of failing grades and skipped classes. For Thrive Girls Ranch & Homemany of our students, enrollment with Thrive means a second chance at graduating high school, a possibility which had nearly been destroyed by their former lifestyle. Our self-paced curriculum, along with one-on-one instruction from our teaching staff, allows girls to gain mastery of subjects and earn missed credits toward a high school diploma.

Positive Environment

A “Positive Peer Culture” means an environment where making right choices is accepted and encouraged. Girls who have been “following the wrong crowd” into destructive behaviors instead find themselves pushed by their peers toward responsibility, integrity, and growth. We reward positive choices. Our campus promotes teamwork and accountability among students as well.

Family Restoration

We desire to see families healed and restored. We invite parents to visit with their daughter on campus once each month. These family days give families time to restore relationships within the supportive environment on campus. Parents also have the opportunity to spend time with other parents and with our staff and to receive good counsel.

Thrive Girls Ranch & HomeWhat makes the therapeutic program at Thrive Girls Ranch & Home different?

At Thrive Girls Ranch & Home, we provide a complete therapeutic solution. Unlike traditional therapy, the counseling in our program is done continuously. It is our belief that every experience can become a therapeutic moment if used properly. Whether your daughter is working with horses, studying in a classroom, or out rafting on the Colorado River, every experience is a valuable therapeutic lesson. Your daughter doesn’t have to be in a therapist’s office to grow and develop character, integrity, and respect for others. On top of traditional counseling sessions, we offer equine therapy, a powerful treatment tool not found in most programs.

“Both my sister and I entered foster care when my mom became terminally ill, she could no longer take care of us and my dad did not want us his career was more important. I was 13yrs old. I was a very lonely teen needing a friend who would love me for who I am. Teen Challenge staff were patient with me and took the time to not only be my foster parents but also my friends. They helped me reach my goals and at 18 I graduated at the top of my class and got my first job! It’s been several years and we stay in regular contact. I am so proud of myself and so proud of my foster parents who were Godly examples to me.” – Ginger