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boarding schools for troubled teens

Lakeland Girls Academy

Lakeland Girls Academy helps girls with behavioral or rebellion issues, low self-esteem, or depression. We provide a unique atmosphere with personal attention to help each girl get back on track and develop positive life strategies. Our students learn the necessary skills to prepare them for the future while they become confident and secure.

blankThe progress of students is based on a collaborative and collective effort of the child’s counselor, staff, and parents. Counseling is provided through a faith-based holistic approach and is unique to each student’s needs. Lakeland Girls Academy also provides focused and individualized academic attention for the girls in its care. LGA is an accredited, private school registered with the State of Florida and a member of the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA).

Our facility is a 10,000 square foot home-like facility on acreage nestled in a middle-class community. There are ample areas for physical activities on the property, an inter-campus athletic department, and a screened-in pool. Lakeland employs fifteen female team members and counselors, each with the appropriate education and experience suited for their roles. The Teen Challenge provides a safe haven for adolescents who have sought to fill the void in their hearts, only to reap destructive consequences in its place. Our program provides an opportunity for each student to refocus and assess her life decisions and allows her the opportunity to choose the abundant life Christ has to offer. In the process, the student is taught indispensable lessons of strong work ethics, teamwork, patience, diligence, determination, communication, submission, and motivation.


About Our Academic Program

Lakeland Girls Academy is accredited with N.A.C.E. (National Association of Christian Education). Our students have transferred to other high schools, colleges, and universities around the nation. Our Certificate of Accreditation will be faxed upon request. In the classroom, we utilize the award-winning Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) Christian education curriculum on individual computers for each student. SOS is a computer-based learning system that is also supported and tutored in our classroom by our own certified teachers. SOS offers five core subjects and a variety of electives that complement learning tools such as 3-D animation, video clips, and other exciting multimedia which enhances the teacher’s ability to customize lessons to meet each student’s individual learning needs.


blankAt LGA, we emphasize individual learning. Once a student has individually mastered one concept she may move ahead to the next concept without having to wait on a classroom of students, so many students are able to either catch up or get far ahead in their studies. Professional transcripts and progress reports are maintained by school officials for record-keeping.

Teachers at LGA are accessible to parents on family weekends as well as by phone or email for updates on their daughter’s academic progress.

Our students have the opportunity to achieve a premium education that is well-rounded and fully accredited. We offer year-round school while we also deal with each girl’s behavioral and emotional issues. 


Our educational program features our own in-class teachers, and coursework is facilitated through Edgenuity Virtual Academy.  It allows LGA students to achieve phenomenal progress towards high school completion and beyond.  Edgeniuty offers initial credit courses, honors and Advanced Placement courses, credit recovery, intervention and test readiness. 

Edgenuity Virtual Academy is a leading provider of online curriculum and instructional services. It is in use by more than 20,000 schools, including 20 of the 25 largest school districts, to meet academic goals and improve student outcomes.
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Balancing All Areas of Life

blankTo improve her weaknesses and work to her full potential, students are challenged to thrive in a supportive environment that emphasizes a student’s strengths. We create the necessary setting and provide our students with the skills they need to experience the highest level of academic success. A positive academic atmosphere is achieved through small, conventional classes. To promote a well-balanced student we focus on the Mind, Body, and Soul. Each area has an intentional focus to maximize their potential and to increase their confidence by placing students in State and National competitions in all three areas.


boarding school for troubled teens

“I really pushed my parents over the edge when I overdosed on pills not once, not twice, but three times with 35 pills. They had enough and did not know where to turn. That’s when they brought me to Lakeland. Two months later, Jesus Christ intervened and said, “Get ready family! I am the Great Physician and I will heal your daughter and bind up her wounds!” God changed me from the inside out that day and has set me free from all the bondage that I was enslaved in.”


“I lived my life the only way I knew how — to deny my problems and pretend to be happy. Now, I realize how much I am worth and nothing can take that away from me. I am so blessed for the amazing and powerful opportunity to change my life and live for God. I am so excited to go out and start living for Him.”


“Being here has shown me that people can love me and care about me. God has opened up my eyes to the grace and mercy He gives me. Now that I am set free and He has broken my chains, I can run into His arms and accept His embrace.”


“Before, I only lived for every moment I could get high. I cared nothing about others, myself or my future. I knew I would not ever survive the world I was living in and knew I had to change. Lakeland Grace introduced to me true love, forgiveness and hope Jesus Christ had to offer. I have my life back and I am so grateful.”


“I thought no one could ever understand and bring me out of the endless suffering I was in. At Lakeland, God showed me His amazing grace and opened up my heart to let others in to help. I now know it is not all about me, but helping others, showing love, forgiveness and accepting others for who they are.”


“I was numb, dirty and selfish before coming here. I was constantly running from every problem I faced and I was fazed by nothing. Thankfully, God snatched me out of that dead-end life and brought me here. Through His mercy and love I was spared. I thank God for my life. I thank God for the staff at Lakeland for opening my eyes.”


“Coming here has made me the girl that I have always wanted to be. God is restoring every relationship with my family members. God is amazing and I am so thankful.”


“After years of being hurt and used, I lost myself. I became numb to life and pushed everyone that loved me away. I did not care about myself, my family or my future. I felt like no one would ever love me. But then at Lakeland I came to know Christ and now I see myself from a whole new perspective. Life has a new meaning and my family means the world to me. I am so thankful for God’s forgiving grace and for a new life that I have found here.”


“I was addicted to money and sex. I forgot how to tell the truth. When God came into my heart at Lakeland He softened my heart and gave me emotion. I have learned how to love. He has restored my relationship with my family. I am a new creation because of His grace.”