Before you enroll your student in a therapeutic boarding school, make sure to thoroughly research the school online, including reading reviews from parents and students, ask the admissions representative questions about the program, and visit the campus. Additionally, hiring an independent consultant can save you tremendous time and ensure that you are sending your child to a reputable school.

How to Choose the Right Therapeutic Boarding School

troubled teen schoolsThere are both good and bad behavior modification programs out there. You’ve probably heard horror stories about abusive behavior modification programs and about equally amazing programs that promise miraculous changes. A quality behavior modification program relies on experts who apply proven therapy methods for long-term success.  Get help for locating, evaluating and choosing reputable programs with real resources and proven methods of success so you make the right choice for your family.  Call the number on this website for FREE and unbiased help.

It’s difficult to find a good behavior modification program. The teen health and wellness industry is massive, and simply starting the process of looking for an appropriate behavior modification program is overwhelming. Looking online won’t tell you much about a program and there’s no guarantee that what you read is reliable. It is important to read testimonials and ask for the ability to contact several parents of children who have been in the program int he past.

Look at each program’s referrals and references. Don’t just take our word for it on whether a particular behavior modification program works or not—learn from other parents and teens that have actually been through the process. Getting non-biased, accurate references and referrals is an important step in making sure the program fits your child’s needs.

Let us help your family. Why should you trust us with the important task of finding the best behavioral modification program for your teen? Because we’re a free parent advocate group with experience in a range of teen health issues and we want to pass on what we’ve learned on to you.

When working with the school’s representative or an independent consultant, ask for links to public information about the school such as any complaints, violations, or actions filed against the program. Also, ensure you understand the curriculum and identify the certification levels of the teachers. If your child is going to require therapy while at school, ask about the credentials and therapeutic approach of the counselor. If your child requires medical care, ask about the school clinic and related staff, as well as community resources. For example, is there a nurse available 24-7? If your child becomes seriously ill or injured, is a physician available for consultations? Where is the closest hospital?

The last step is to visit the school to tour the campus and meet with the admissions representative. This is the only way to gain a true sense of the school and whether it is a good fit for your student. While on campus, observe the students. Do they seem happy? Are they engaging with faculty and staff, and vice-versa? Are there plenty of activities to keep the students entertained and out of trouble? Are the facilities adequate? Does the food look nutritious and appetizing?

Remember to trust your gut when researching and visiting schools. If something doesn’t sound, look, or feel right, then it probably isn’t. It’s best to then move on to other options.


We’re a free service that comes alongside parents to help them find the best fit for a program or school their troubled teenager.  We do not choose a program for you, but we offer the best options based on your child’s situation, location, and your budget.  We charge parents nothing, nor does utilizing our free service cause the rates of the schools that we suggest to be any higher.  We are the largest such free service in the nation.

We visit and work with hundreds of residential programs and get feedback from parents of students we have already placed there.  Our goal is to help the parent find the absolutely best choice for each family.  We possess comprehensive knowledge of options for troubled teens, helping families with a child who is experiencing academic failure, or who has oppositional behaviors, emotional issues, substance abuse problems, and other emotional or behavioral difficulties.